Finally, Mystic vs. Scientific

So this is a show that I never knew I wanted to do. Once I started it, nothing was ever more obvious that OFCOURSE I would like this type of content!

But the big question is, would others?


Sure I dig mysticism and science, personally surfing the waves of contradiction to keep afloat enough to seem enlightened in conversations where over or under commitment of either science or magic may find social ostracisation my new cup of tea. 

I also like run-on sentences. 

When trying to conceive a way to properly spread my appreciation of duality items, I realized I didn't even fully understand one nature, let alone the many meanings a piece of crystal can have outside of my own use. 

 "Yo, can they use chakra crystals for quantum storage?" 

I asked myself this after watching one too many Scifi shows where crystals are used more for computing and warp drives, and less for pathways to a higher being. 

If you look at it from only one side, the other may seem like blasphemy. Still, the human in me ( cause we're all God's, and also space dust while possibly being nothing more than digital projections of a holographic simulation) ...wanted to explore and challenge the unknown. 

MvS is the ship we sail to challenge those unknowns by taking the very 1st step; knowing where to start.

Let us rejoice and be informed!

My fellow seekers, as we expand our knowledge and thus, our options. While casually picking sides for fun's sake.

 All you have to do is Watch and Subscribe!

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