Greetings Revolutionaries!

Thanks to our Development with  OVEREAGER® , we now have a Brand New apparel line, cutting edge Media Content, as well as educational and business development resources you won't find anywhere else. Our goal, however, is to make many of these resources more accessible as we build a better platform for our people come 1st quarter 2020.

Here is a sneak peek at one of our flagship designs!  

I Dont Care

Created in partnership with muteillustration's, the original concept was brought to life by artist Nathaniel Rueda who masterfully integrated philosophy and contemporary thought with vivid colors, crisp linework, and stunning detail to compose a piece which pairs perfectly with many of the Garments in the OVEREAGER® collection.

From here, we were inspired to create a pattern that can be experienced on a selection of garments. 

 As with anything we create, the more we have to offer to you, the more we can support our featured charities and causes. 

To celebrate the beginning of a new era, we will be running campaigns to ensure we end this year with the largest heartfelt donation we can make. 

Though the message of this design can be misleading, let us assure you that to us...

the one thing we don't care about is anything that gets in the way of progress. 

Here's to  ,

Let's make 2020 the year of Evolution. 




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