Ep6: The Soul, heaven, hell, Aliens and consciousness.


  • (Do animals go to heaven or hell when they leave this plan?)
  • What is the soul? (Depending) A collection of consciousness. Then not all souls amongst all creatures are equal. A fly may not be as conscious about its greater potential within our shared reality. How many levels do you see an animal outside of a threat, pet, or some creature?  (most animals) We can assume their greater awareness is more limited. So would any of them have a concept of heaven or Especially Hell? 
  • Nature, survival, fairness. How far can this concept go to excuse some conscious human behavior? Nature is inherently innocent, as many views would imply. Think of the Lion king's depiction of Nature, compared to its reality as we have come to understand it (nature, concepts of laws of the jungle.)
  • Can humans be considered avatars of good or evil? And is that the reason why it's unlikely anything still fully natural would have a concept of heaven or hell. So what about Aliens?
  • Consider how many scientists are atheists, now consider what an advanced civilization would need to do in order to be space fairing (they would need a mastery of science, we are just using controlled explosions to get off world, even our scifi can provide better general concepts).
  • Would a space exploring race believe in God's? And does the existence of a soul inherently suggest there is also a God or God's?  
  • If consciousness is parallel to sentience-, -as illustrated by the degree in which a conscious being can experience across the plan of it's reality- then this, in turn, becomes some type of expression to imagine the reality of 'a soul'.  Your awareness in this life ‘as’ a blossom. A collection of consciousness - a soul. 
  • Someone without a conscious has also been referred to as soulless. Implying the conscious is present in our soul.
  • This reminds me of how spirits and souls are presented in fairy tales; water spirits, fairy spirits, beings that are often semi-sentient manifestations of whatever element they associate with. ( how do those beings see life?)
  • The gift and curse of self-awareness and imagination equal anything (the idea of good and evil) is possible.

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