Ep 9: More about Self Evolution, the weight of Sin vs. Happiness, the Importance of Proper mentors.

  • My Notes
  • Understanding yourself may only be done in private, but with outside guidance and relationship for reference. My thought behind this deals with how open we are to understanding what we consider our inner demons or darkest traits.
  • A Therapist can help you compose a path to understanding yourself. It is still up to the individual to navigate the path and explore areas that start with themselves. 
  • YOU: No one can understand you better, some of us need more tools to understand than others, yet we all need some type of system to understand life and our inner and outward place in it. 
  • What are these tools? 1. count of public opinion. 2. A standard for happiness: understand what makes you happy and if it meets your standards parallel to the count of public opinion 3. Eye witness Awareness; objective resources for gaining knowledge via experience, research, or both. 
  • I'm angrier around stupidity (what I observe as). Having to do something that doesn't make sense to most people, accept the one who needs pleasing, is a physical pain in my head. I can be pretty patient about it, but once I've mulled it over, tried several cross-references, and secured as much objective data as possible, if the stupidity still results in a risk, harm, or needless inefficiency, then I'm just about ready to hate that factor for its incompetence. Which to be fair is a personal problem. Yet my anger also covers for my depression. I work on the anger ( think of being stuck in a storm with a hit or miss compass) so I can find the source of what's hurting me. It feels like trying to find my way back to a magical door hidden in a tiny house, nestled in a field with a miles-long natural disaster overhead. 


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