Dating Views: Treat dating like you treat your money?!

Dating is like investing in Stocks, Only risk what you're willing to lose, and know what type of returns you want to see before building your portfolio.

What this roughly means is you can't put in pennies and hope to hit a hot company that blows up overnight. You're investing in potential. And you only invest at your risk and financial level. So even though Tesla is a hot stock with potential, Its a couple of hundred dollars a share.

When applied to dating, You have to know how much effort you are willing to risk for a return. Half ass a date but complaining that dating sucks, well you may be part of what sucks for that other person.

You can have a good time and not fall in love. It's possible to have fun, but fleeting moments with another person -outside of sex- with no strings attached.

It comes down to your pre-game plan for any date.

Do you want to have a good time?

Or are you just looking for a distraction?

When reconsidering the investment perspective, Investing in Tesla (or any Company pushing $250+ a share currently)  because you need a “distraction” but you're a millennial making "livable" wages in NYC, that's a 1st class lesson in foolery.

It makes you wonder,

What is the best way for YOU to look at dating?

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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