Shop News! Charity Updates: Black girls Code, WWF and how donations are determined.

We've updated our Charities and Causes with Black Girls Code and BEAM.

While replacing Petsmart Charities with WWF.

 If you visit our Donation Page, links to each noonprofit currently supports can be explored there. We would like to highlight one of the main factors we use in determined how deep our financial impact can go, and via DailyKarma's analysis of the efficiency for donations per Dollar, we are able to confidently determine how far your money, and ours can go. 

For example;

WWF has an efficient of .20 per 1. which roughly means for every Dollar you give, 20 cent goes directly towards the subject of the charity. 

To some, this may not seem like a lot. If you consider logistics, operational cost included ads and staff, one fifth of every dollar making a direct impact is noticeably above the $0.10 per Dollar average we have noticed amongst dozens of top world improving charitable organizations. 

When it comes to non-profits closer to, or within our community however, this Dollar efficiency is yet to be determined by DailyKarma (our e-com donation facilitator). As such, we simply go to these causes individually and do our research into their practice and impact.

With so many not for profit organizations, it can seem like you cant help enough. the first step is ensuring which organizations are making a real difference that you can understand or relate to. Next is just keeping up with and getting to know those causes. 

In the case of why we replaced PetSmart Charities, seeing that less than $0.05 of every dollar made an impact was somewhat disappointing, though it doesn't mean they aren't doing good for their Charities! 

As a small business who gives 5% of all shop profits to several non-profits, we try to align where we feel the money can go the furthest. 

 Its incredibly meaningful to us here at knowing that our passion can help support change, and we cant do it without your thoughtful and supportive shopping habits...wink, wink;)


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