Chadwick Boseman and internet Trolls: the End of an Attitude Era.

Have you seen the headlines, or read any articles in regards to Chadwick Boseman weight lost, prior to his passing?

"The body-shaming Chadwick Boseman experienced is a reminder to think twice before commenting on a celebrity's weight loss"

"Chadwick Boseman’s Death Proves That We Need To Stop Commenting On People’s Weight"

The above headlines are only two examples of publications that pointed out something I believe we need to participate in personally and strategically. That is internet toxicity, and its cancellation. 

Ok, as usual...I need you to briefly hear me out before I reveal some grand plan on harmonizing the collective digital social integrity.

I think some part of me naturally grew out of and became consistently disgusted with amateur insult comics online. I’m talking about your average troll who completely redirects a great force with feathery jestors of disrespective, discontent and deconstructive commentary. 

Like many of you reading this (I hope) my first reaction to seeing this image of 

Chadwick Boseman:

Chadwick Boseman

...Was a combination of concern and confusion.

I wanted to click on any link that had these photos so I could hear what, if anything was going on.

What I can tell I took away from that inquiry, if you haven't already guessed it, is a nice haze of character humiliation, mockery and cyber bullying.

It's like a tradition online. To Roast someone who is seemingly down. I think there was a part in there once upon a time that included ‘to cheer them up’. Now, I’m not coming to the defense of every celebrity who may or may not have sincere circumstances surrounding a seemingly hardship, ‘comical’ or otherwise.

On the contrary,

I want to address the cyber bully’s themself and how fundamentally useless the disposition is. 

Storytime (for contest)

I grew up with a very silly love of my life. We never committed in our 20’s and the earlier 30’s were a lot of trial and error, and error. In spite of what did and didn't work, there was this one simple exchange that inherently changed my perception of her.

I’m always down for fun and informational. I love to share my resources as well. My excitement over her interest in a subject I was recently researching, and one that was personally helpful to her future employment and stability inspired me to show her a clip instead of giving an overly passionate breakdown. 

As I played the youtube clip featuring A female professional talking with others about entrepreneurial life improving notes, All my lover could take away from the first few minutes was


I was embarrassed. It was just the two of us but I felt like I needed to apologize to the content creator for wasting their time. 

She caught herself, laughed and apologized and promised to watch. Which was cute, but I recall the disappointment I had to grapple with as I pondered how the hell would we ever work when all she see’s is the dumbest parts of life?

Now, she isn't as bad as the trolls, but it's an example of a dissociation that is frankly a social disease. 

As imperfect as Humans are, collectively and individually, we really live in times where one of our greatest utilities and points of technological evolutions in the form of the internet, is saturated with Porn and Dickheads. And to most people, Porn isn't even all that anymore. Which leaves us with Great figures online turned off from truly engaging because of toxic communities. 

It bums me out when I listen to guest on The Joe Rogan Experience sound so down to Earth and approachable, only to hear they don't engage online because of hate, or toxicity. So now I can't get the positive attention of celebrities on open platforms because most of the time those engagements end with losers breaking them down?!

Sometimes I’m inspired to comment on popular pages because I feel my insight or appreciation for the content would just be nice to share, but I hesitate because in most cases I know that figure may be intentionally avoiding comments due to, if you can believe it, fear and discomfort and not arrogance. 

We can consider myself hella naive, “They don't care about their fans”. Tell that to the ones literally getting rich putting on shows for us. We buy, follow and support and you mean to tell me that most of the cyber trolls don't even ‘like’ the victim?

They are in abusive relationships with their icons. 

Cyber Bullying; It's an asinine waste of time and energy.

It's a dysfunction in the way of progress, and needs to be addressed and treated as such.

I’m not saying I don't see the silly comedy or cruel irony, but I’m also an adult and don't feel the reason behind my first reactions should be rooted in the most ignorant and mediocre satire a random soul could muster. 

The Plan.

I realised by not engaging with my positive comment, in spite of the near fact I knew the person wouldn't see it, their community would. If I had seen just a few more simply positive engagements like what I aspired to, than perhaps I would have clicked a post. 

We have to Drown out the darkness.

The bright spirits, empaths, intellectuals still hiding behind the screens need to pull up our cozy pants and spread that positive abundance to every inch on the internet. Let's make genuine commentary for the greater good, uncomfortable for trolls. 

Step one:


Get over ourselves. I have the F*&k it and keep it moving attitude because dwelling in insults keeps me away from my work. And I LOVE my work. As do many youtubers whose passion projects haven't quite got the views they want, but they make the videos because of creative enjoyment. I respect that more compared to production quality in many cases.

Step two:


Having a little cynical side, some dark humor is part of what makes a balanced human entity. Ask many religions. Even in those teachings, the mission in life is to overcome the need for repentance in some way.  I don’t rock with religion anymore, but I’m clear enough to understand what it means to practice what you preach, treat others..., and so on.

I accept that some people don't seem to want to play ball. However, I also think WE own the court.

That collective power, I dare say, just lack of focus. 

Step Three:


Do it Live! Damn it!

That Bill O'reilly clip, introduced me to Bill O'reilly. 

I personally took him as a jester, but respect that fact he had a bigger platform to perform on than I do. Yet, I also had to learn and accept his audience as real people with real collective influence, backed by rage and as ignorant about the other side of the story as I am to theirs.

I would have a beer with him and chat because at the very least I could learn from what I see as his mistakes, assuming his insight is sincere enough. Worst case; I’m getting to know the opponent better. 

Win, win and free beer (because the larger platform is buying in this scenerio)


 Allowing the ego to take a back seat and trusting your own stance enough to not fear a sudden shift is a great start to listening in a conversation.

Most importantly, recognize this as the battle of Integrity that it is. 

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