Care to Explain why One Punch Man...

Argument: Season 2 of one punch man would have been better without him.

One Punch Man


 Giving the tone of the Anime as a whole, I can understand why it’s supposed to make it more interest for the supporting characters to go thru epic story acres that are devastated by Saitama’s Convenient engagements, But this time around; I was more interested in how some character’s interactions would have played out, without the Lead. 

One-Punch Man’s 1st Season told his whole character arc; He displayed enthusiasm, curiosity, some self-satisfaction, to say the less.   Season 2, he is one Dimensional, and frankly not that interesting as a character compared to the development of others in the aftermath of events from season one. 

Yes, they ( writers, etc) clearly developed deeper story arcs, even for the monsters in Season 2. And Saitama’s roles were slimmed down in a sense where we understood he isn’t going to be there to save everyone. Still, some of the ‘random’ defeats he handed out just felt like watching a really cool character slip on a banana pile. Whereas Saitama’s attitude and role in this season of his own show reminded me of that Superman 3 Bar scene. The same way other heroes really can’t relate to him, nor could I. So it was more interesting to watch the development and motivation of Characters like King, Genos and especially Garo, albeit Saitama is a crossroad each encounters.  With the exception of King, what if you removed or replaced Saitama for some certain Climatic instances that were leading to a better payoff than the 'Saitama trumps all' role? 

There were some story arcs that were worthy of their own anime. That’s my point. Everything was more interesting than the inevitable, Saitama, leaving me wondering and unfulfilled. At least the Final Boss in season 1 was seemingly well accomplished and linear. The Heroes and Villians for Season 2 however, were too interesting compared to the title character.


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