Business update for Clients, Creatives and Potential Mentors / Investors

Hey Bright Spirits!

The above 2 minute video is a brief highlight of some of our Company needs, what we can offer, and our current agenda. 

Basically, I need help Managing a few areas so I can focus on creating the content and products that are manageable. What has me mostly preoccupied is the development of an App that can offer something substantial to my community on a large scale. 

The most important thing I believe I need right now is funding for a marketing specialist or a solid round of fund raising in general that I can use to support the development of internal sectors, which includes marketing. You can read the extended video script below, and thanks for your interest in my business and its potential.

To Potential Clients

I believe everyone should have some type of ownership in the metaverse. Something that you fully control and can express and if you do choose, profit from and without middle businesses like FB or Pinterest. These spaces, growing more abundantly and with redundant log-ins, should not be the main digital representation of your business or portfolio. 

Let us help you create your own space online.

Featuring Web Design, NFT, logo Designs, Portfolio development, low- no code App Development and More!


Professionals/Team building

  • Marketing
  • Company Assistant
  • Creatives
  • Accounting
  • Mentorship/angel investor

Ideally, would have an in-house marketing director, an assistant to the Creator (organizing work and speaking to clients and partners, for example), and a hand full of talented creatives who feel they can contribute to our brand and content.

Preferably, with a solid marketing strategy, can generate enough independent revenue to fill in the broader, but necessary company roles. 

A mentorship, with investing would obviously top that independence, seeing as our slow market growth but, increasingly defined product and content line up would benefit honorably from a more established professional 'crusader' in our blended creative and compassionate business strategies.


What are we all about? is art and entertainment created for the Illuminated and creative masses.


Or so that mouth full would say if you've seen our homepage.

At our core, we are a media company with a clear goal: Personal evolution and economic revolution. Our content and product line all have layers of expression that not only explore what it means to 'become a better person, but we provided practical, competitive pricing while remaining dedicated to our percentage of profits automatically tied to charities that reflect our hopes for Humankind.

[Another way of putting our money where our mouth is.]

Direct or passive support of Life-enhancing institutions is Something we believe all companies should dedicate to during times when every impact we make on the planet, matters more and more.



I believe I've created a marketable,  potentially profitable,  business that compliments community development, 


If you can believe that too, let's talk, please?


I need a professional to run the marketing side of

 We create the content and supply budget you need to configure and run promotions across various platforms that link back to our homepage. {Google ads, Meta for business, IG, Shopify, Pinterest, etc.}

Theme and Style

Our favorite mediums for creative expression often leans into science fiction, philosophy, and surrealism.





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