Black Owned Business and Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank and beyond; things to Consider.

I’m always looking for different ways to make money. More so just to prove the concept true or false in order for me to report my findings back to the curious, but unacquainted ‘Gig worker’. If you google ‘what is Clickbank’, even the search result sounds like they are trying to sale to you. Clickbank, after all, is a marketplace. 

Now full disclosure, I’m no Clickbank journeymen. I really haven’t even used it to a degree where I’ve produced results (aka I didn’t even begin to make a $), but then again, this isn’t a review.

Affiliate Marketing: “ Use your Platform to market my Product!” 


Clickbank is where you as A. a Vendor would go to find B. Affiliates to team up with for promotional and sales.

If you are a minority business owner and need sales and diversification of your audience, I highly recommend looking into affiliate marketing platforms link Clickbank. There is a learning curve, I can tell you because I’m still on it.  My general take away thus far, is a basic but fundamental one;

Organized Team-Ups, Maximized Tools = Optimal results.

The right people and the right tools get the job done, in most cases. Many of use within local Business communities engage in affiliate marketing on some level. Adding a few new aspects to this underlined practice can improve the overall Odd’s our business growth and success, in spite of the times. 

Here are a few things to consider for either role of Vendor and Affiliate;

  • How does the Compensation work?
  • Is the Representation in line with your own?
  • What are the terms and structure of the program?

  • How does the Compensation work?

    You have a great product that needs marketing, or you have a platform but what income from supporting a brand you like, you need to understand how the money works. Sometimes, you can have a great website with solid traffic flow and every click on an affiliate Banner earns you a few cents. While visitor clicks that lead to sales can net you 5%-25% commission. Understand how you get paid can help you understand which system would be right for you. 

    Is the Representation in line with your own?

    Your brand has its own identity and vibe that the audience represents and expects. Naturally, you would want to collab with a business you’re most comfortable with.  Taking the time to understand how that business feels about, and sees there Consumer may inspire the direction you affiliate more, or less than originally planned. 

    What are the terms and structure of the program?

    Once you understand how your getting paid or even beforehand, Understand how is the affiliation professionally accommodate. 

    • What are the terms of the Affiliate Network, like amazon affiliates or clickbank.
    • If out of network, what does the Contract look like?
    • What is expected from the affiliation? Direct sales campaigns, Banners, Product reviews, etc.
    • Is there a system for both parties to track stats produced from affiliate marketing campaigns?

    Track stats and measuring performance is one of the most important aspects. Frankly, none of the others, like Money and network, works right without a system that does the math and displays it in some form. Having these assurances as a prerequisite can make the vivid, competitive world of affiliate marketing a pleasant and perhaps profitable experience. 

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