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Intro:  Bias Opinionated Art

I decided to be the most bias and pick an ‘in-studio’ artist and piece to introduce you to this art blog. The goal here for our contributors at is to pick a particular work of art that they like for very personal or specific reasons. Then share those reasons and in their own words.

  There are a lot of great works out there. Many are defined by a shared appreciation of its artist or a mutual interpretation of the “meaning” of the piece. However, on occasions, there are works that have a special meaning to you. You also could be that one friend who sees a group interest in a completely different way than the others. I feel like those personal feelings and views are within themselves, a work of art - once expressed.

So, lets Express!

The Motivation Behind….

“I Don’t’ Care”, and yes its everywhere on the site. If you’ve happened to pick something up from the OVEREAGER Brand pre-launch, then you will be happy to hear that “I Don’t Care” has some clever, albeit vague interpretation inspired by the designer’s (my) concept and masterfully brought to living fiction by muteillustration

My motivation behind it was and is my personal journey into those higher plains of thought and spirit as is all the rage these days. Let’s be clear; sincere pursuits of a higher being are nothing to chaff at. However, what if the difficulty of the journey is centered in the complete unraveling of beliefs instead of the challenge to accept new ones? That random question to myself actually forced me to answer what my goal is if it isn’t being ‘woke that way’.  If you’re anything like me after those first few lines of thought, the ‘woke that way’ comment may have begged to question. 

I questioned the comment and explored the hidden meaning; or at least those that I could perceive. I became spiritually exhausted in the time it took for me to take a few steps to a softly lite nightstand, fiddle through my pencils and turn back to a blake canvas. One ready to hold the wonders of my highest thoughts as native American thunder dance music loudly drummed from my speakers. As I begin to draw God’s (only knows) wonder, I boldly carved letters in the canvas, with each Color and character releasing all my give a sh!t as it sternly spelled out “I DONT CARE”, with a squiggly drawn smiling light figure behind it. 


I spent so much time reaching for something, that I became empty-handed as I dropped what I already had. While I looked at that 1st sketch, I began to thoughtfully sweep my mental flower pot and moved it towards the lights I was reaching for. Wherever that blossom points, I go.  

That was the compound lesson I learned and it certainly came with change, but a clearer path than the day before. As an artist, however, I still needed to finish the piece. By ‘finish’, I mean find someone who can do a better job than me at visually expressing a philosophy - because I’m a businessman too. 

I Deeply admire The Artist’s Work

The original concept still felt like a twisted joke whenever I drew it. It was too dark and gritty and just heavy. I even held a small contest on one of those outsource sites. I had to come to grips with the whole point of great art is the unique aspects of it or the artist. Yet even I wasn’t quite full of my own interpretations. 

One evening while randomly browsing art sites for general inspiration, I came across Honestly, I tried to retrace digital steps that lead me to him, but months later and I still couldn’t tell you. At that moment, however, I was radiating with satisfaction as I looked at several of his pieces and either said out loud “Yes! I feel like that!” Or “ Wow, I want to feel like that.” I guess we can say his work ‘spoke to me’. 

A few emails and a first (of many) collaborations later; ‘“ I DONT CARE” was born. 

It makes me feel my focus and my future, personally put. I know what it took to even say it out loud, so of course, my opinion is highly bias, but I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Welcome to "Bias Opinionate Art",

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