Behind the Design: Golden XO

XO Golden

(a reference to the pattern resembling X's and O's)

"We can't let hugs and kisses go out of style"

(Says with a playful smile)

'its a part of life.'

XO Golden: in homage to what keeps us close. Exclusive design Only at

The elements within this pattern were originally inspired by some of the aspects I used to create the forms in my Cosmic Catcher ( link to art) piece. 


For my expression of the symbolic nature in physical forms, I used mathematical aspects based on the Golden Ratio to create the representation of “Body” in the Cosmic Catcher’s mind, body, Spirit, awaken” theme. 

(Cropped image fro original Vector Art; 'Cosmic Catcher')


As the shapes began to make themselves known, I couldn’t help but to recognize the subtle geometric contrast that occurred while applying different vector techniques within my original form. The similarities to ‘X’s and O’s” warmed my spirit, as using math to make art reminded me of the pursuit of harmony amongst us all. 

I hope the representation within this pattern compliments your Golden Aura. 

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