July Update

Greetings Bright Spirits!


Its been a view weeks since my last general post in regards to what's new with the business. Lets get right to each thought and update based on individual categories.

  • Services For Hire
  • Shop and Apparel Update
  • Affiliate Marketing Update
  • Art and Initiatives

Services for Hire

I want to focus more on helping others develop a brand identity they can use as a way to expand their website profiles, improve the integrity of an exists business, or start something new in the virtual/augmented world. As such, the focus will be on how best to fully express the vision of each client, and we well work in small batches each week in order ensure quality of your work and the relationship with our clients. 


Shop and Apparel 

Sales are hit or miss depending on which products we can produce in a timely fashion. In response to a time delay with some items, we have updated our shipping policies for specific pieces we foresee any production and shipping delays for.


Affiliate Marketing


We want 3 product ambassadors! Your pic what you want to wear on or shop, and we give you a percentage per sale that features your look with our Apparel. 

Learn more at the link below or contact us Here.

Art and Other Initiatives

Most of my last few weeks in the development studio has been spent either drawing freehand, or building an app. I've either been hand deep in paint and charcoal art pieces, or I've been turning hand written drafts into its digital counterparts in the form of app development. Not a service I'm ready to officially add to my 'For Hire' section ,buts its coming close.

I cant forget my podcast - Human DarkMatter  which is a great transition from its original blog format. Catch up at the link above!

WEBlynks Science Briefs can be enjoyed mainly on tiktok 1st, but I will upload recent episodes to YouTube and IG on occasions as well. 

That's all for now, thanks for reading and your support!

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