All the Science Feels, and thoughts about the Episode Topics.


We did it! We science'd Showed...


If you haven't already watched the 1st episode, please take your time and enjoy the video above.


Within 2 minutes, We cover some fascinating Facts and research reports that pertain to our daily lives in some technical way. Ok we may have stretched it a little with the Avi Loeb and Alien report, but it's still interesting enough to consider prudent to our future daily lives. 


Most of all, the news about our own physiology. 


Many of my friends were in equal disbelief when I 1st told them about breaking news illustrating a new set of glands in our heads. By New, I and the reporting institutions mean newly classified. 




Originally the report said 'Newly Discovered', but that implies 2 things;


-We didn't physically know about the glands.


-We recently evolved them.


Now it's clear that the structures have always been there, we think. The issue with them being discovered, ergo classified is the fact that the structural elements have always been on medical record, but they now know that within the walls of cartilage, lay actual active organs!


This is mind blowingly bizarre when you consider Medical Science over the last 200 years. Even within the same episode, we discuss advances in CRISPR genetic engineering. To imply, albeit state that we as a civilization can edit microscopic elements in our DNA, yet somehow overlooked a set of  1.5 inch glands in the Human head doesn't inspire much faith in Medical Sciences. 


That is why it's even more important that more of us participate in expanding our understanding of the World around and within us with practical studies and application of STEM in our communities.


I would prefer my future Doctor more informed about Medicine than some blogger on the internet, but that's just my stance.


Share your thoughts in the comments wherever you see a Science News Brief and let's stay informed of the future, and present together!

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