AJE Economics: What to expect from the financial corner of aurorasoul.com

No individual life is linear. Art, Music, Work, Chores, Education; All play daily roles for each of us no matter how aware we are of it or not.

Few of us routinely create harmonious lifestyles where personal joys and adult responsibility compliment one another. For those who are able to balance their lives or not, one contributing factor is the anchor for any ambition of balance or otherwise;


It pays for Pleasures, healthy or otherwise, and financial backing is needed for even the surest of dreams in this modern society. As such, the idea of understanding your personal economical footprint should be closer to 2nd nature than trivia about your favorite sports team. Unless that trivia wins you money, your wasting part of that talent. 

No offense for the simple pleasure seekers, We don't have to monetize everything in life. Though we should bank on enough of our interest and talents to help endure our pursuits in personal wealth.

 Inspired by much of what has already been expressed here, We've added some quick details to what you can expect from future AJE Eco(nomics) content.

Business Highlights from the Black Diaspora

 Fully immersing in the individual experiences of #byblackowned.

Financial News Focal Points

Our goal here is for our audience to connect with information that could improve their personal wealth, as well as how to avoid negative financial impacts on themselves and our community.

Career and Employment Resources

  • Trending Skills and Training
  • Highlighted Career Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial resources


 Our Goal is Economical gains for our Community, as we build out the foundation to encompass a broad, but staple virtual region of Wealth based in practical but progressive investments. 

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