About the Design: "Evolve(3)"

This is the 2nd design done by Dusk108 for the OVEREAGER apparel line, 'Evolv3' and features a theme of self unity. Symbolized by Triangles, and with expressions of Nature and Technology, this vector art piece represents our take on life and its delicate balance.

evolve evolv3

"We like to play around with the idea of nature and machine merging, without directly encouraging it" (Dusk108)

That quote reflects part of the journey OVEREAGER evolve.revolt is all about.  in another context, one aspect ( Technology or Nature) my revolt against the other. That's the sobering part of the reality we share. There is either Balance in our lives with whats around us, or one thing struggling too much against the other(s).
We want to produce visual reminders of our broader journey together, as Mankind's balancing act still feels too off center if you asked some of our friends and professional colleagues. 

Thank you to everyone out there who vibes with the work and meanings. We're in it with you!

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