A timely quote from Audre Lorde

The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house.

Happy Birthday Audre Lorde!

The courtesy birthday reminder was brought to us by Google’s search doodle. Honoring Black American Author and Activist Audre Lorde, as we enjoy links to her history and work.

If during this time you haven't ventured in the literary world of this prolific icon in modern Black American history, 

Allow me to highlight just one of her many philosophically urgent quotes that has likely inspired discussions and actions in modern poets and activists across dozens of causes.

Audre Lorde



A fitting example for the current attitude many of us are slowly adapting. This statement can be applied as a direct  commentary for systemic issues that have reached a new plateau this Century. Reference everything from using reform to negate police brutality, to investing in individual financial freedom. Too many endeavors for change and security within and for the Black and Brown communities are still victims to systems that in many cases are design counterintuitive to the success we seek. 

True, there is an inherent bravado to anarchy. If we deeply suggest an implication to ‘tear it all down’ within her quote. Yet the formal elegance of her words, and sincere phasing feels more like a clever affirmation for building and not rebuilding. 

The Master’s House is not our Home.

Read more about her thoughts in her own words here!


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