A thought from the Void: Anger

I'm mad at myself for not being and doing better for myself.

via GIPHY {How I imagine my personal struggle} 


I'm also mad at the world, or at least humankind. I'm angry from my disappointment in the reality of How much we depend on a global economy that’s powered by the poor and underclass while driven by the stupendously rich. We've heard it all before, and we even make a satire of it in cyberpunk. 

The weight of human contradictions suffocates me. 

Pollution, space junk, climate change, gun violence…. It's all us.



Sure we've down some good, but in the grand scheme, none of it matters if we kill ourselves off.

The weight of the bad, overshadows the good, and I'm mad I'm too fucking personally weak to make a bigger impact on changing anything about Humans on earth that makes life suck for alot of people. 

The fact that Elon Musk launched a Tesla with an astronaut dummy into space because 'he can’,  somehow feels disrespectful to me. By 'me' I might be speaking on behalf of the universe, pardon my ego. 


Though I appreciate his celebrity, we have to consider the cause and effect of even his seemingly best, or just 'shits and giggles' intentions.

 This is the price of power within a civilization.

I'm not mad at Elon Musk, or at any individual for being themselves. 

I'm mad at the Support my culture has given to people who have not proved to give a shit about us, for one example. 

That consistent realization is infuriating….

Above all, I am mad at myself for not doing more to make the points I believe are fundamental, and create the change I feel would make me, and others like me very happy.

That's the problem, if myself and humankind as a whole seems to be rooted in the core of my anger, who are these hopeful others I want to create change for?


Perhaps I don't really believe in my anger after all.

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