A meme helped me realize my sense of humor was keeping me broke.

There is a thin line between clarity and madness. You may have a thought that seems personally ground breaking, yet the action inspired by said thought could leave you ostracized by peers. There are those instances where one becomes a guide for others, which does not make it any less mad or more insightful if it becomes a movement of sorts. 

I gleefully consider myself a little ‘Mad’, so Consider my sincere analysis of how our sense of humor, as  loveable and timely as it can be, will contribute to personal states of financial decay. 

I will share the meme below so you can draw your own conclusions and perhaps save yourself a potential reality check, heavens know my own are rarely intentional. 

Its Funny, in all the variations I saw. 

One version of it made me chuckle before giving me pause:

I know, it's just a meme.

Yet I would like to use it to talk about our trending attitude towards positions of service at different jobs.

As a business owner, whose company depends on the loyalty of our Customer base, I imagined myself in the position of this character, with his look of casual disgust, and personally felt the disappointment of a job that made you feel ‘that’ way. I wondered if I had a brick and mortar store, would my employees feel like this meme?

We would hope no employee  would, yet it's systemic in our society to express sentiments that closer mirror the ones imposed with memes like this. 

It's funny, but all too true.

Need I remember, Memes about feeling terrible when seeing customers apply to our essential workers too. Before the pandemic, the meme was comically relatable. 

Post initial shock of it all, customer loyalty and worker appreciation have become the new hot topics enough of us aren't talking about. 

The hard truth is, not everyone wants to be, or can afford to become an entrepreneur. Things may change for the individual, but collectively, we still need people to help run civilization and not just reap the opportunities of the economy.

Services workers shouldn't have to feel like this.

Sure, it can be argued that a great portion of that type of disposition falls upon the person’s own attitude.

If this year has taught me anything, it's that many of us didn't fully appreciate service jobs until we needed them. Some jobs are so fundamental, we can overlook them.

I look at every customer I have with enthusiasm because my Brand’s integrity accompanies every sale. For my employees to feel some of the same, they need to positively feel like they are as much an investment in the business as the work they do for it.

Our Society has often used humor to alleviate some of the stress and tension during traumatic times. We poke fun at the tears of celebrities, tell ‘too soon’ jokes about people who have passed if the material is crisp for a jab. If you're offended by this type of humor, than you will likely be accused of, or may have a ‘thin skin’ for the tone. 

I think that one’s comical skin can become so thick that you lose touch with the weight of reality. 

This wouldn't make someone a bad person, some of our favorite comedians over the years have  successfully created some pretty dark and rough satire without provoking violence or encouraging discourse amongst their fans. The best of them can make dark times a little more palatable, to be fair. 

When satire over compensates for the lack of practical answers and applicable resolutions, then it begins to feel like we are just laughing at the sinking ship while sitting in it, and I'm sick of getting my toes wet.

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