A Campaign for my Cat's Health


Pet bills are no Joke, and I had to learn the hard way. 

the money isn't even the worst part, its having your companion suffer because you can't afford their care. 

One thing that terrible feeling inspires, is motivation to resolve it. If you're reading this right now, then it is a sign that I've strived to get the needs of my spirit companion out into the ethos. 

Creating awareness is the 1st of many steps in forging a lasting resolution to a variety of life's challenges. This includes the lives of people, animals and the general health of the planet as a whole.

Answers and issues both start small. I would love for my endeavors in being a Brand and business to sincerely change the World for the better. That is why every personal success counts more then the professional ones. The health of my animal friend is pretty damn personal, let me tell you.

If you know the feeling, or can relate in anyway -

Please understand that when you purchase anything from my brand, or watch the content I put my sincere passions into, you are helping me develop my version of a Game Changer for myself and our community. 

Doing what I love is an understatement and I'm eternally grateful for the chance to make a living while keeping a dream alive. 

With that being said, I stepped away from creating content just to allow my cat  several calm hours a day in my lap. Feeding her by hand, cleaning her stitches, and literally sedating her just to ease her pains. 

I wish it were Me.

I wish I had greater awareness of her needs so I could offer her optimal accommodations because I would have never imagined this sense of frustration and anxiety until I had to watch a part of me suffer.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to help my Dutchess get the full care for what is now a 'pre existing health condition', simple shop for something you like from our shop. Can't find a fit for your vibe? Let us know your style in our comments, or donate directly to a charity you support.

Every Action is an Impact.


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