A breakthrough in Muscle health! Plus; What Happened to FTX?!

Hey Bright spirits!


This week's science and tech news will highlight a quick overview of what happened to the worlds 2nd largest crypto exchange; FTX.

First up, let's talk about some medical news out of the University of Melbourne. Researchers discovered a gene that makes your muscles  Significantly stronger. To read the original source for our Tik Tok video on the subject, click the link below.


@weblynks Finding the Gen for Stronger Muscles! #fitness#therapuetic #science #melbourne #muscles #excercise #breakthrough #weblynks #workout ♬ original sound - Science Briefs




Next 4 our economic segment oh, we got to talk about FTX in its impact on cryptocurrency. Basically, and I do mean basically what we're looking at is a situation where the company had billions in assets that it Leveraged in risky Investments. Something in the amount of 10 billion to be exact. The amount was so staggering that even Binance, the world's largest trip to exchange couldn't absorb FTX as an investment.

To watch our short breakdown and to follow-up with the resources, we used while researching the subject, click the link below.





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