3rd Eye Beanie

The 1st Item in The 'Inner Energies, Outer Worlds' Design Line (Inner Energies for short),  OVEREAGER's 3rd Eye Beanie is finally on Sale!

To thank you for supporting our creative process, I wanted to take a moment to personally bring you behind the scenes of a few developmental details.

To start, I love this beanie.

Its something I've worked and reworked several times. making subtle changes to the design and material until we had what felt like the cleanest and the best representation for the pattern. 

Here is the Final Mock-up:


 3rd Eye Beanie

 Compared to the previous version:

Notice anything different?

Besides the Lining ( which now comes in Black or Grey), The position of pattern elements has been adjusted to allow the more dynamic visual elements to be front and center while you wear it. We want the name of the beanie, like all of our work to speak for itself. Original we felt as if centering an 'eye' within the pattern would be too intimidating to wear. While doing a test shoot with the 1st prototype, I realized that the representation felt a little..undereager.


 After a careful redesign, we repositioned the design to allow its highlighted elements to be front and center, while still creating a flexible fit.


The pics below illustrates a large/x-large adult beanie that I rolled up in the front for a snugger fit. My personal best fit is adult Medium but I wanted to play around with large size to show off the bamboo fabric lining. 


Centering the elements I wanted instead of the overall pattern makes for a slightly bolder and frankly, Cooler look. I will say, most of my associates were initially happy with the former version. Over the course of personally wearing it, however, I kept itching to have the neon 3rd eye as the centerpiece. 

There we have it,

3rd Eye, inner energies, outer worlds -beanie.

With this version 2.0, I'm even more excited to add it to my daily wardrobe while working at aurorasoul.com

As an early Thank you for your support, here is 10% off that you will only find in this blog post. 

Happy New Year!

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